See you at EuroShop!

Meet TOMRA at EuroShop 2023, from February 26th to March 2nd in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

Find us in Hall 7A at booth B07. We look forward to seeing you there!
TOMRA Collection provides reverse vending machines for Clean Loop Recycling, to transform society’s habits and keep valuable resources in a continuous loop of use and reuse. Through constant innovation, proven technology and unbeatable service, TOMRA makes it easier for grocery retailers and their customers to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

What to expect

  • Our latest tech

    We're changing the face of reverse vending technology. 
  • Going green

    Find out what we're doing to enable greener products.
  • Retailers new to deposit return systems

    Retailers are the beating heart of deposit return!
  • Our latest consumer research

    New research investigating the link between recycling habits and shopping behavior.

TOMRA Talks: Lightning talks on the future of reverse vending

  • Collaboration for tomorrow's world

    Tove Andersen, President & CEO of TOMRA

    Tove will explore emerging megatrends, along with the challenges and opportunities they present for TOMRA, as well as for our customers and partners. At TOMRA, we believe that businesses have the power and obligation to build a more sustainable society, and that this can be achieved through meaningful partnerships and effective collaboration. 
  • How TOMRA’s connected ecosystem enables new reverse vending experiences

    Aleksander Mortensen, Head of Commercial

    Aleksander will present the tools and concepts enabling TOMRA’s next generation of reverse vending experiences. From predictive service products to intuitive digital applications, these innovations offer benefits to retailers, operators, and consumers alike.
  • How recycling habits impact shopping behavior

    Gigi Portela, Senior Marketing Manager

    Gigi will present findings from TOMRA’s recent consumer research, investigating the ways that recycling habits impact shopping behavior. The research was conducted across seven European countries with deposit return systems and provides an overview of existing trends, with recommendations to help retailers capitalize on them.
  • The future of reverse vending

    Harald Henriksen, Head of TOMRA Collection

    Harald will talk about TOMRA's ongoing efforts to redefine the experience of using, operating, servicing, and owning TOMRA reverse vending solutions. This vision of the near future transcends traditional ideas about reverse vending technology and the ways we engage with it.
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of TOMRA reverse vending machines

    Christina Ek, Project Manager

    Christina will provide insight into TOMRA’s ongoing sustainability journey. What actions are we taking to make TOMRA products more sustainable? Is it really possible to do more with less? What benefits does all this hold for our customers? These questions, and more, will be answered. 
  • A guide for retailers new to deposit return

    Roman Postl, Head of East Central Europe

    Roman will provide useful information and guidance for retailers new to deposit return systems. By sharing success stories from recent system introductions across his region, Roman aims to equip retailers with everything they need to know to make the most of the opportunities that deposit return systems can offer them.
  • The data-driven deposit return system

    Pauline Bergan, Senior Business Development Manager

    The use of digital technologies and data in deposit return systems is not a new concept. Pauline will share insight on the ways that these systems are already data-driven today, and perspectives on how they might evolve in the future. 

Our latest consumer research

At the EuroShop 2023 trade fair, TOMRA will unveil the findings of its latest consumer research, investigating the relationship between European consumers’ shopping habits and their attitudes, behaviors, and preferences associated with drink container recycling.